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Buzz Media Solutions Launches Software as a Service (SaaS) Tool for Businesses Coined UpdateCaptain

June 6, 2016 (Schenectady, NY) Buzz Media Solutions, a full service marketing agency in Schenectady New York has launched a new collaborative communications tool coined Update Captain.  Jeff Goronkin, Chief Strategy Officer for Buzz Media Solutions and creator of developed the online communications tool to help streamline the way employees prepare weekly status reports for clients, while at the same time keeping everyone on their team in the loop with ongoing activities. 

Goronkin said, “When Susan Bardack and I started our firm seven years ago, we would send out weekly updates to clients as a best practice to keep them current on the work our firm was completing for them. The process of collating information for clients from all of our team members took many hours of busy work each week. was created to streamline the process and save time.  What used to consume many hours of productivity time now only takes minutes.” is a software as a service (SaaS) communications tool for teams who have a need to keep clients, supervisors and other stakeholders up-to-date with activities. It provides the ability for teams to collaborate and provide input.  The update is then sent in a simple email to the people who need to receive them.

The update system can be used by any team and is easily accessible online on laptop computers, tablets and smart phones. Goronkin said, “One of the most convenient aspects of the system is that our clients don’t have to log-in to receive their update. They get the update by email and can respond if they have questions or comments.”

Companies can purchase an annual subscription to the service for $9.50/month per user with a minimum of two users per account.  The online service also has value-added features such as archiving of past updates, semi-custom update reports, discussions and scheduling.  The company plans on rolling out additional features that will enhance the user experience and further streamline the often cumbersome process of preparing and sending updates.

About Buzz Media Solutions

Founded in 2009, Buzz Media Solutions is a full service communications firm located in the heart of downtown Schenectady, New York. Buzz Media develops strategic marketing plans and provides the talent to execute them. Services include strategic planning, website development, digital marketing, branding, media relations, video production and more.


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